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OPTIMA IT Consulting is a full-service IT Consulting firm that operates two primary offices in Toronto and Mississauga.

OPTIMA's objective is to provide enterprise level information technology consulting to small and medium sized enterprises- within a fee structure that SME's can easily absorb. A recent Consumer's Choice Award accolade for best information technology consulting in the greater Toronto area affirms that we are succeeding at reaching this objective.

OPTIMA has literally engrained the goal of consistently delivering first tier service throughout every aspect of it's culture. Some examples in which OPTIMA demonstrates this unyielding commitment to clients includes:

  • A commitment to consistently elevating the knowledge base of staff members through continuous training and client case study analysis.
  • Directly tying the compensation of OPTIMA consultant to the overall satisfaction levels of the consultant's clients. (measured via web based surveys at project completion)
  • The creation of an environment of  "friendly competition" amongst our consultants. Success and rewards are gained through high levels of client satisfaction.
  • Ensuring that all clients are continuously well informed about all work ever performed within their network environments through a web-based reporting tool that logs project details.
  • Striving to continuously reduce client IT expenses through the implementation of a standard "checklist" of items that serves to greatly enhance the efficiency of their networks, thereby forging loyal long-term client relationships.
  • The institution of a 100% client satisfaction guarantee on our work. At the culmination of a project, if any client is not 100% satisfied with the results achieved, OPTIMA will not abandon the project until full client satisfaction has been attained.

The solutions that OPTIMA delivers are not meant as a quick fix to your IT challenges. Our solutions are well thought out, carefully crafted solutions that deliver:

  • The best possible long term value based on your company's particular needs.
  • The lowest cost of network ownership over the long term.
  • The most fitting alignment of technology and service with your company's overall business goals.