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Over the course of OPTIMA's existance, we've created relationships with numerous IT professionals. This page has been created for those individuals, with the goal of simplifying their lives. On this page, IT management staff will find countless resources that will assist in managing their day to day work; Practical tools that they can utilize to better their productivity and lower their levels of frustration.. We invite all IT professionals to bookmark this site and use it as an ongoing resource.

On this page you will find:

  • A comprehensive and easily searchable database of white papers.
  • A free on-line knowledge exchange forum that allows you to ask other IT Managers any question you like, under either a specified alias or your actual name and email. The forum is a great resource for solving challenging issues and networking with other IT professionals.
  • A series of free and low cost technology tools that will make your life easier on the job and drive additional profits for your business. They include both web-based and hardware related items.
  • News on the Information Technology industry in the form of articles and OPTIMA's quarterly newsletter.
  • Software updates.
  • Virus warnings.


If you feel that there are other resources that you would benefit from that are not listed on this page, please email us your suggestions so that we may consider those resources.